How to move a non-verbal stroke patient out of their Grapevine family home

When you’re caring for a stroke survivor, you may have a lot of questions, such as when they’ll recover and what they’ll need in the months and years ahead. It’s also normal to worry about how you’ll do in your new role as caregiver.

However, there are times when caring for a stroke patient yourself is not an option — especially when you have a full-time job or a family to care for. In this case, your next choice is to transfer the stroke patient out of the house and to someplace where they would be better cared for.

Why Move a Stroke Patient Out of Their Home

Senior transition specialists in Grapevine, TX all agree that not all family members can successfully care for chronically ill patients. The quality of care will depend on a family’s economic resources, family structure, relationships, and other demands on a caregiver’s time and energy. Family caregiving can range from minimal assistance, like periodically checking in, to elaborate full-time care.

Depending on the condition of the family member to the level and quality of caregiving, taking care of a chronically ill patient can take its toll emotionally and psychologically. Reports observe that caregivers typically experience psychological distress and impaired health behaviors. It’s common for caregivers to experience stress, followed by health problems, loneliness, fatigue, and frustration, which can lead to burnout or elder abuse. When an older person has a greater burden of disease and disability and needs more intensive care, the impact on the caregiver is more severe.

Caregiving can also be expensive. Couples where one partner takes care of the other are disproportionately poor. You might have to cut back on work hours or take a long leave of absence to care for the sick family member. Although laws like the Family Medical Leave Act provide mechanisms to challenge discriminatory terminations and treatment associated with these absences (including for same-sex couples), caregivers still lose a lot of money.

How to Move a Stroke Patient Out of Their Home

Maybe you owe it to yourself and your loved one to move them in a place where they will be better cared for. The problem, though, lies in convincing them to move. Here are some tips on how to tell a senior about moving from Grapevine — verbally and non-verbally.


Be empathetic when you’re talking about moving.

Having the conversation with your loved one about moving into assisted care may be the hardest part. Ideally, you should have this conversation early on. Besides simplifying the process, it lets your loved one be more involved in the decision-making. Having their doctor help you with the conversation might be an option. Moving can be easier to accept when it comes from a doctor. Additionally, their doctor can help you figure out how much information your loved one can handle.


Involve them in the planning process.

In the end, this move is about them, after all, so bring them in major decisions. Let them decide what their room would look like. Make them talk to the real estate agent or, if you choose to sell for cash, the cash home buyer in Grapevine, TX. It would help them feel more in control in this huge life transition.

Make sure they’re surrounded by familiar things.

Your patient’s new home should be filled with familiar, beloved things. It can help them feel grounded and like less is changing in their life when they’re surrounded by their kitchenware, bedding, art, and decor.

Keep an eye out for changes

Listen to your loved one’s concerns or fears, reassure them, or help them process anything new. Try not to surprise your them during this time (unless their doctor recommends not telling them in advance); keep changes to a minimum.

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