Why you need a senior transition specialist to help you older loved one move away from their Grapevine family home

As your parents get older, you have to face the difficult truth that they may start to find day-to-day tasks challenging. This can be from their limited mobility or health conditions that affect their motor and cognitive skills. Once you see this is the case for one or both of your parents, the best thing you can do is to move them out of their home and either move them into your home or in a facility where they can get professional assistance.

But how do you move your senior parents away from their Grapevine home? If they’re reluctant to move out, a good option is to work with a senior transition specialist in Grapevine, TX. Here’s what you should know about working with one to give your parents the care you need.

What Is a Senior Transition Specialist?

A senior transition specialist (or a certified relocation and transition specialist) is a certified individual who helps older adults and their families with transitioning elderly family members into a senior living community. Given the stresses of moving, a senior transition specialist mitigates the added stress moving an older adult has. This can involve helping a senior transition into a senior living community or preparing your home so that your elderly parents can easily adapt to their new home.

Senior transition specialists in Grapevine, TX are certified and trained to handle elderly adults who need additional care. However, their job isn’t limited to just helping adults. Professions that senior transition specialists go into include real estate agents, movers, organizers, home care professionals, and more. If you need assistance with moving your senior parent, it’s ideal to find someone who is a certified CRTS who can help you deal with the emotional stress and family dynamics from moving.

When Do I Need a Senior Transition Specialist?

Senior transition specialists are necessary when you want to help your senior parent and their current living situation. While the most common scenario is when someone needs help transitioning their parent to a care facility, other instances a specialist can be useful include:

  • Letting your parent stay in their home, but making their home more accessible and safe;
  • Helping your parents move out of their residence while still allowing them to live independently;
  • Sending your parents to an independent living community, care facility, assisted living facility, senior living community, etc.;
  • Hiring caregivers to provide for around-the-clock needs;
  • Making your home safe and ready for parents moving into your home;
  • Dealing with the accumulated possessions of your parents;
  • Selling your parents’ home and the tasks involved with selling the property;
  • Handling the medical, legal, financial, etc. aspects of your parents’ needs.

Why Should I Work with a Senior Transition Specialist?

Moving your senior parent out of their home in Grapevine can be an emotionally and logistically taxing process. But you don’t have to go about it alone. A senior transition specialist can help you look at your senior parents’ situation objectively and help you decide the best solution based on your parents’ best interests. They can also help you with managing your parent, their condition, and finding solutions that work best for everyone involved.

And even after you’ve given your parent the care they need, there’s also having to deal with the leftovers of your move. After they’ve moved out, you’ll have to deal with their possessions and the responsibilities that come with it. If you’re considering selling your parents’ home in Grapevine, a senior transition specialist can help you take the steps that minimize the hassle and costs that come with selling property.

Ready to Sell Your Home?

Moving your parents out of their family home isn’t the easiest, but it may be in their best interests so that they can get the care they need. Having a senior transition specialist can help you take the first step towards providing your parents with better living conditions.

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